Sometimes it’s hard to talk about feelings like sadness, anger, fear, helplessness and loss. This is often because we are worried about burdening friends and family. Sometimes we feel ashamed of difficult feelings. Sometimes it is because friends and family are ‘part of the problem’.

A counsellor can help you understand better your feelings and reactions to events in your life, and how you might change the things that are not working for you.

Usually you meet your counsellor for a few sessions, and decide whether you want to work together. You can have up to 26 weekly sessions with a TLC counsellor. We aim to offer a first session within 6-8 weeks of initial contact.

At this first meeting you can talk in more detail about what has brought you to counselling. If you feel comfortable, you will agree to meet each week.

If you would like to explore counselling with The Listening Centre, please fill in our short, confidential Intake Form. You can find it here:

Why people choose counselling

People choose to see a counsellor for many reasons, such as:

  • family problems
  • break up with a partner
  • death of someone close
  • change or loss of job
  • change or loss of health
  • lack of confidence
  • stress, depression or anxiety

We take safeguarding very seriously

The Listening Centre has a commitment and mission to uphold and safeguard the wellbeing of both clients and practitioners, and to maintain the highest standards of quality of care in practice.

In order to maintain these standards, we have a statement of commitment on the part of all our counsellors. You can download it here.

In our clients words…

“I was relieved and excited. The welcoming voice made me feel that I have come to the right place.”

“My counsellor was very good with a balance between support and listening.”

“This therapy happened just at the right time. I would not have been able to carry on without these weekly counselling sessions.”

“I found the fact I could pay an affordable amount extremely helpful. It really helped me speaking to ‘the counsellor’, who is very good at what he does. Thank you very much!”

“After one or two sessions it was life saving. The more I talked to the counsellor, the better I felt. She made me feel so much better about myself.”

“I have seen these things on American programes where people go to talk to someone. I knew it was what I needed but did not know it was here. Thank you very much.”